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Repousse altar piece with quartz vajra
Antique stupa
Stupa 2
Fire rituals
Antique Thangka
Thangka 1
Thangka 2
Mandala Thangka
Thangka 3
Thangka 4
Thangka 6
Chenrezig Mandala Thangka, Mongolia, 1900. Framed behind glass
Fire gilt bronze double dorjé
Carnelian double dorjé
Antique phurba
Thangka 5
Thangka 8
Avalokiteshvara Thangka (1000 hands) Masterpiece
Filigree gau with turquoise Buddha
Antique phrbas, used by shaman. Wood.
Silver altar or butter lamp
Silver butter lamp with the auspicious symbols
Antique bronze Buddha with inscriptions on the backside
The inscriptions on the backside
Mask of dharmapala Vajrapani
Conch shell with beautiful repousse copper work