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Very special vase
Dragon phallus
Cloisonne Guanyin
Guanyin. Cloisonne
Bamboo brush pot
Manju or toggle with mythical animals
Cloisonne temple house with 6 bronze Buddha figures
Amber toggle with a dragon and phoenix carving
vintage gilded silver cloisonne mirrors
Enamel mirror, gilded silver
Gilded silver cloisonne mirror. Vintage
Tortoise shell fan with monkeys
Tortoise shell ruyi or scepter with birds
Tortoise shell ruyi or scepter decorated with 15 birds
Tortoise shell ruyi with eleven dragons
Tortoise shell ruyi or scepter, carved wih 11 dragons
Porcelain box with erotic painting
Porcelain snuff bottle
Poem on snuff bottle
Open lace on snuff bottle
Porcelain box with erotic paintings
Porcelain vase with erotic painting
Erotic painting inside the vase
Stone carving
Cover of a box in the form of a book
Blue enamel snuff bottle
Blue enamel snuff bottle
Enamel snuff bottle
Enamel snuff bottle
Porcelain box with erotic paintings
Porcelain mask vase
Phallus carving
Phallus carving
Porcelain couple
Handpainted erotic tile
Erotic tile 2
Erotic tile 3
Erotic tile 4
Erotic tile 5
Handpainted erotic tile 6